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Welcome to the My Weird Classroom Club. Your classroom will never be the same again!
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Welcome to the My Weird Classroom Club — your classroom will never be the same again!

The first rule of this club is that the weirder you are, the better. Since there is no other school in the world that is weirder than Ella Mentry School, it’s the model you and your students will want to follow. Join this weirdly wonderful classroom club to receive exclusive insider benefits like breaking book news, terrific teaching guides, awesome activity sheets, unbelievable updates, and marvelous monthly educator e-newsletters.

Educators across the country have found that even the most reluctant students – who, like A.J., think school is pointless and boring – are eager to learn when the lesson is presented in the context of Dan Gutman’s My Weird School books. The accessible and engaging stories are filled with hilarious school-themed antics and characters that can be easily integrated into existing classroom practices through discussions and activities. The My Weird Classroom Club will provide you with the tools needed to extend themes and ideas found in the books through cross-curriculum connections and instruction.

Just because you may not consider yourself a weird teacher doesn’t mean that your students don’t!
So, start weird-ing out your classroom by joining the My Weird Classroom Club today.

But it won’t be easy!

(Just kidding – yes it will!)

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